Credit to start a business

Do you want to open your business but you have no money? Discover here an option that can help you decide to start and have more income.

If you want to start a business or grow what you already have, but you have no capital to do so, do not be discouraged, there are options for you.


People who open a business do so for two main reasons

money loan

The first is the need (for example, having been fired from their current job), while the second reason is the ability to generate extra income to have a better quality of life. .

Regardless of your reason for undertaking, financing is practically indispensable, since the elements to open and keep a business functional are expensive.

In Mexico and Latin America it is very difficult to get a loan to start the business of your dreams. “Banks do not grant loans,” is a very common complaint. In most of the countries of the continent, 70% of the business loans requested are not approved.

But, a bank loan is not the only way you have to get money to start your own business and make it grow.

Personal loans are presented as an attractive option, particularly for entrepreneurs who are looking for the means to start their business and the only thing they need is resources.


Payroll credit

Payroll credit

Payroll credit is a tool with which you can get out of trouble, remodel your home or start a business. One of its great advantages is the ease with which they are obtained, since they do not ask for guarantee or guarantee.

With the payroll loan you can apply from 3,000 to 200,000 dollars and you decide how long you will pay. You can also dispose of your money quickly, you can use it for whatever you want, and it doesn’t matter if you are in the Credit Bureau.

How much do you need? It depends directly on the business needs that you want to start as raw material, machinery, among others. You should always contemplate your ability to pay and remember that payroll credit is an advance of your salary.

In Brighella you can see from the internet the options you have, you can use the calculator and evaluate how much you need and how much time you should take it out. And if you have already made your decision or have doubts, you can contact one of our specialists who will gladly assist you.