Loans without paycheck?

Are you considering taking out a loan but do not want to show a pay cut? In most cases, if you need to borrow money, you must provide documentation of your financial situation in order for a lender to approve your loan application. However, not all people are equally excited about giving their paycheck to strangers.

Fortunately, you can also borrow money online without having to show your paychecks to anyone. But, especially for the unemployed, this will be somewhat more demanding. We will therefore look at how you, as an unemployed person, can borrow money without having to show a pay cut.

Opportunities for small loans online

Small loans often do not require as much “control” from the lenders. You can easily find loan companies that offer smaller loans without having to show paychecks, but this applies to much lower amounts and with a significantly shorter maturity.

However, many of these loan companies still require documentation of your monthly income. If you are on unemployment benefit  this is also a kind of monthly income, and since few lenders require a fixed minimum income, there are actually good opportunities for you.

Loan companies online are often more general in the credit rating for you as a customer compared to the banks. This credit rating is nevertheless very important for whether you get the loan approved and for what interest rate you want to get. The usual thing is that you submit documents that can confirm your income, etc. This can also be from your social security office.

View the required documentation

Therefore, it is not always necessary to show pay slips, which can definitely make the process much easier and faster for you. However, even if you are unemployed, you should always state your income and submit the material required from the lender to improve your chances of getting your loan application granted.

This will ensure you a lower interest rate and lower total cost of the loan. There is nothing good or positive about “hiding” you are unemployed. It is much better to refer to the unemployment benefit you have after all.

That said, there are also only small amounts you can borrow as unemployed. If you need to borrow a larger amount, the lender will surely require you to see documentation of your financial situation so that the lender can feel confident that you can repay the money.

They do this, among other things, by demanding to see the annual report and much has been done to make it easier for them to download this documentation.

You should show paychecks if you can

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However, if you are in a permanent job, but have a principle against disclosing your private information or just do not like the idea of ​​others investigating your paychecks, you are obviously in your full right to believe this. Nevertheless, there are several benefits to presenting your financial documents when you take out a loan.

By building trust with the lender, this also enables you to get a much better deal. Submitting your paychecks can convince a loan company that you have a fixed, high income, and this can result in you getting a much lower interest rate than if they do not know if you have a fixed income whatsoever.

So, unless you have something to hide, it is probably best for you to present the documentation required in the form of annual statement and paycheck. This also prevents your options from being restricted, because you do not then have to rely on a lender that does not require a pay cut.

Loans without paycheck online vs. in the bank

Banks also have no right to demand a pay cut if you want to use this option to take out a loan, but most likely they will require you to attend a meeting and they will also know what you intend to spend the money for.

This is one of the reasons why many people nowadays prefer to take out loans online instead of at the bank, as the loan process at online lenders is much more flexible than at banks. The time when you could just call your bank advisor and ask for a loan is definitely a story.

Today, the loan process is far more automated, and the bank advisor does not have the same opportunities to grant loans as was the case before the financial crisis was a fact.